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SunSDR2 PRO Remote Control TX Preview

SunSDR2 PRO Remote Control Demo

Transmit capability is currently being implemented for SunSDR2 PRO remote control. Watch this video where Vasily RN6LHF, Senior Hardware Developer, demonstrate how transmit and receive works perfectly. In this demo Vasily connects to the SunSDR2 PRO transceiver via a mobile 3G internet connection. Continue reading SunSDR2 PRO Remote Control TX Preview

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SunSDR2 in CQ-160 SSB @ SE0X!

IMG_5208 - Version 2By SM0MDG

A 160 meter contest QRP is much more fun than you might believe! In CQ-160 SSB contest this winter I used the SunSDR2, Software Defined Radio, running with only 5 watt QRP power. I logged more than 200 QSOs and the claimed score is almost half the number of my SM Low Power record and more than a third of my High Power and High Power Assisted records

Continue reading SunSDR2 in CQ-160 SSB @ SE0X!