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ExpertSDR2 Update With Many Enhancements

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ExpertSDR2 version 1.1.3 with many enhancements and fixes for your SunSDR2 PRO, MB1 and ColibriDDC has been released after a long period of testing. With this version remote control is also introduced for both SunSDR2 PRO and ColibriDDC.

Here are a few highlights of new features and fixes for all devices. Continue reading ExpertSDR2 Update With Many Enhancements

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Remote Control SunSDR2 PRO or ColibriDDC

Remote control for SunSDR2 PRO and ColibriDDC has finally arrived! The highly efficient protocol for remote control being introduced today enable you to connect and operate your SunSDR2 PRO or ColibriDDC device over almost any internet connection like ADSL broadband, mobile 3G and 4G networks, long range WiFi links etc.  The connection can be customised for bandwidths between 70 kbps to 1 Mbps per receiver including both audio and full panadapter view. This allow you to setup several receivers on one connection. With the Pileup RPI Server you eliminate the need of an expensive and bulky PC at the radio location.

Continue reading Remote Control SunSDR2 PRO or ColibriDDC

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FT4JA Team Loves the ModMic!


FT4JA ModMic banner

The FT4JA DXpedition was a success! During 12 days of operation the team worked 105.634 contacts from the top 6 most wanted DXCC, Juan de Nova Island. 45.273 of these QSOs where made on Phone/SSB using ModMic boom microphones provided by Pileup and Antlion who teamed up to support the expedition.

Read the official feedback about the ModMic from Vincent F4BKV and the FT4JA team.  Continue reading FT4JA Team Loves the ModMic!

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Pileup @ DX Match September 2-4

DX Match 2016

The new DX Match meeting in Jönköping, Sweden, has all the ingredients to be this season’s highlight for anyone interested in DX and/or contesting.

K9CT will be presenting the K1N Navassa Island and K5P Palmyra Island expeditions and his amazing contest station. SM5AQD and SM3SGP will present the VK9AW, Willis Island expedition, and the full two day program with DX and Contest related presentations makes this weekend jam-packed with fun. Continue reading Pileup @ DX Match September 2-4

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Fun with SDR in a City Apartment

ColibriDDC in Amsterdam

DXing in urbanised areas is getting more and more difficult. The level of man made noise has increased dramatically in the past 20 years because of cheap Chinese switch mode power supplies, plasma TVs and other noise generating equipment.  This article will focus on the receive part of DXing, because even if transmit in urban areas can be challenging, receiving weak signals covered by noise is a far bigger hurdle to everyone. Keep reading, in this article we’ll give you some ideas to make city DXing a little more fun. Continue reading Fun with SDR in a City Apartment

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ExpertSDR2 with Remote Control!

Remote Control
Remote control is coming to SunSDR2 PRO, MB1 and the ColibriDDC receiver! The new remote control protocol is efficient and gives you the full SDR experience using a simple ADSL connection or a 4g mobile data modem. Its fast, light and capable – its like having your SDR transceiver or receiver in front of you! Continue reading ExpertSDR2 with Remote Control!

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