SunSDR2 PRO Remote Control Demo

SunSDR2 PRO Remote Control TX Preview

SunSDR2 PRO Remote Control Demo

Transmit capability is currently being implemented for SunSDR2 PRO remote control. Watch this video where Vasily RN6LHF, Senior Hardware Developer, demonstrate how transmit and receive works perfectly. In this demo Vasily connects to the SunSDR2 PRO transceiver via a mobile 3G internet connection.

The efficient ExpertSDR2 Remote System protocol transfers compressed audio in the filter passband plus data to display spectrum and waterfall. SunSDR2 PRO Remote Control provides a full SDR experience via internet connections like mobile 3G and 4G or ADSL.
Remote controlled transmission is made possible via a web application making your transceiver accessible from any PC or Mac with a web browser and a microphone. In addition to using the web application, the ExpertSDR2 Remote Client is available as a free download and it suited for more demanding operation styles providing lower latency and more features.
The possibilities are endless and only limited by internet access and your imagination. You can make QSOs from the sofa, on the beach holiday, in the car or the bus going to work. Instead of fighting city QRN you can place your transceiver in a rural and quiet location and control it from your home. Clubs can let their members share a remote controlled station enabling more hams to become active.
Remote control of your SunSDR2 PRO, SunSDR2 QRP or MB1 transceiver will redefine how you think about your hobby!

SunSDR2 PRO Remote Control @ Pileup

Since several weeks the Pileup Communications team have been running a test version of remote control. RX and TX via the web application works very well and we are happy to answer any questions you have. Please email us at for more information about remote control or the high performance SunSDR2 PRO!
For more information and earlier blog posts about the Expert Remote System look here.