NEW Remote Tuner for SunSDR2 PRO/DX

The new Chameleon Antenna URT1 Universal Antenna Tuner is the perfect remote antenna tuner for your SunSDR2 PRO or SunSDR2 DX transceiver. URT1 is a remote outdoor tuner for almost any type of antenna and any brand or model transceiver. It matches coaxial cable or wire fed antennas and has a wide tuning range of 5-1500 Ohm and a maximum power handling of 125W.

The Chameleon Antenna URT1 is unique in that it can be used for coaxial cable or wire fed antennas. This wide-range tuner will match wire antennas, such as a vertical, random wire antenna, or a long wire antenna. It can also be used with coaxial-fed antennas, like an Inverted “V” or dipole. Unlike many tuners, the URT1 does not need a transceiver-specific control cable, so it works with any brand or model of transceiver. The rugged Tuner Unit is weatherproof and designed to be permanently installed outdoors at or near the antenna feed point, so loss due to high SWR on the feedline is avoided.

The Chameleon Antenna URT1 will be available in April 2024.

Chameleon Antenna URT1 Video Review

The Chameleon Antenna URT1 will be available in April 2024, but you can place your order it already now. If you prefer to pay at the time of delivery, simply check out your order with bank transfer as payment method. We will notify you when it is time to pay your order and you can change payment method then to your preferred method.

Order the Chameleon Antenna URT1 here.