What is the new ColibriNANO?

The new ColibriNANO SDR is a high performance SDR receiver designed for demanding receiving applications. Its frequency coverage is 0.01 to 55 MHz covering all broadcast bands, amateur radio bands, commercial, military and government communication frequencies in the LF, MV and HF bands.

Tiny but Capable

This small radio receiver plugs into any USB2 compatible PC port and opens an almost unlimited range of possibilities to the radio hobbyist and the communication professional. The powerful software package ExpertSDR2 is free for use with the ColibriNANO, including future updates.

High Performance SDR Receiver

With the ColibriNANO you will get high performance in a sturdy and well protected physical package. The nano has a sensitivity of 0.05 uV on 14 MHz, a noise floor at -130 dBm on low bands and a BDR, Blocking Dynamic Range, of 110 dB. This in a sturdy aluminium case with 15 kV ESD protection on the antenna input.

Remote Control

SDR Receiver
Remote server

The ColibriNANO can be controlled remotely when connected to a PC running the server package or plugged into a USB port on the tiny Pileup RPI Server. This allows you to create a remote listening station at good antenna location with low surrounding noise, then control and listen via an internet connection or a WLAN link. ExpertSDR Remote control works well on “thin pipes” down to around 100 kbps connection speeds, transferring both audio and a full sample range spectrum and waterfall. Its perfect for remote control .

What the ColibriNANO SDR is not

The ColibriNANO is not another cheap dongle developed for the consumer TV market. It has been developed specifically for demanding shortwave applications by Expert Electronics, a high tech hardware and software company specialising on SDR receivers and transceivers for communication applications. It is different in all aspects from the cheaper dongles found on Ebay.

Colibri nano
Colibri NANO

Proven Technology

When you buy the ColibriNANO sdr you will get a sdr receiver based on a proven design. The hardware of the ColibriDDC has been developed and optimised using the experiences learned from many years of Software Defined Radio design. The Software, ExpertSDR2, is the brain, heart and soul of the ColibriNANO and is proven based on years of use with several SDR receivers and transmitters.

Preorder now!

The ColibriNANO is currently in production and the first deliveries will be shipping in early May. To help you secure your ColibriNANO from the first production batch we are accepting orders now on a first come first serve basis. See the ColibriNANO order page for more information.
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