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How does the SunSDR2 PRO perform in a multi operator contest environment? We wanted to test the PRO in the toughest possible environment, a multi operator contest effort at a contest super station. SM3SGP, the owner of SK3W invited us to take part in a Multi-Two effort in CQWW SSB where we got the chance to run the PRO in a tougher environment than most DX’ers will ever experience.

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SunSDR2 in CQ-160 SSB @ SE0X!

IMG_5208 - Version 2By SM0MDG

A 160 meter contest QRP is much more fun than you might believe! In CQ-160 SSB contest this winter I used the SunSDR2, Software Defined Radio, running with only 5 watt QRP power. I logged more than 200 QSOs and the claimed score is almost half the number of my SM Low Power record and more than a third of my High Power and High Power Assisted records

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