ExpertSDR2 1.2 Released – Big Update!

ExpertSDR2 1.2.0 Screenshot
ExpertSDR2 version 1.2.0 Final Release is here! And it brings lots of new features and improvements to your MB1, SunSDR2 PRO, SunSDR2 QRP, ColibriNANO and ColibriDDC device. A new professional Transmit Signal Processing module, TCI Transceiver Control Interface support, cluster spots displayed on the spectrum, and macOS support are just a few highlights. Find out for yourself and upgrade. We cover the big news here!

ExpertSDR2 1.2.0 – Whats New?

To start with ExeprtSDR2 was ported to the Qt5 libraries to drastically optimize the performance for each supported OS and to prepare for new exiting features. In addition a Windows 64 bit version is now available for taking advantage of systems running Windows x64. ExpertSDR2 has been completely reworked for better performance and increased functionality based on user feedback. 4k display support has also been implemented in version 1.2.0 of ExpertSDR2.

Transmit Signal Processing Module

ExpertSDR2 Audio processing
The New Transmit Signal Processing module is a major break through and will improve your Expert SDR transceiver for many purposes, whether your interest is rag chewing, contesting, extreme DXing or high quality AM or ESSB. The Transmit Signal Processing module has been inspired by the professional audio world and offers many settings to customise your transmit transmit signal.

  • DC block to effectively remove the Time constant in mic signal
  • Parametric Filters with 5 independent filters of 7 different types
  • Noise Gate to reduce background noise noise in speech pauses
  • Compressor to reduce dynamic range of the audio signal
  • Limiter to avoid overload (clipping) and suppression of short-term level peaks
  • Parametric Equalizer with 8 Peaking filters, Low Shelf and High Shelf on the sides
  • AGC to keep the constant volume level of the Mic signal
  • Clipper to reduce signals peak-factor and increase overall “talk power” or “punch”
  • Profiles to store different mic settings independent from the Global Profile

In addition to the Transmit Signal Processing module the DSP module feature low and high pass filters with adjustable filter tap settings.

Improved Antenna Switch

ExpertSDR2 Antenna Switch
A new and improved antenna switch module for SunSDR2 PRO and MB1 has been created. The antenna settings are now stored in the band stack memory. When two software receivers are active (RX1 and RX2), antenna input is the same for both receivers (because of the single ADC), but the transmitter antenna output follows the transmit frequency.

New Transceiver Control Interface, TCI

Transceiver Control Interface (abbrevated  TCI) is a new standard created by Expert Electronics to support not only CAT. TCI transfers IQ streams, audio in and out, serial CAT control and more. It is an open protocol allowing for third-party software developers to support your SDR transceiver and receiver in a much more sophisticated way than what is possible with the CAT protocol.
One of the first third-party software packages to use the TCI protocol is SDC (Software Defined Connectors), a “Swiss army knife” for your Transceiver or Receiver. SDC offers a wide set of tools to that makes it a “switch board” for all your virtual connections. It also brings you a CW skimmer for free, and the skimmed spots can easily be displayed on your ExpertSDR spectrum (see top image on this page).
Some features of TCI (all might not have been implemented yet):

  • Multi-client interface connects to radio Loggers, Skimmers, PAs, Ant. switches etc. at the same time
  • Transfer IQ-streams from ExpertSDR2 to clients like Skimmers etc
  • Transfer CW macros to remote transceivers
  • Audio In/Out streams for digital modes
  • Support one, two or multi receivers and/or transmitters
  • Transfer via local network and the Interne
  • Developed as an open protocol for use with any brand of SDR transceivers or SDR receivers, or other hardware like antenna switches, band pass filters etc.

Several software developers are already working on the implementation of TCI in their software, and more will follow. Developers, please follow the link for a more information on how you can implement TCI support in your software;
TCI is a game changer for SDR radio!

macOS Support

Finally there is good news for Mac users, Apple macOS support is now available. ExpertSDR2 supports Windows, Windows x64, Linux and macOS making Expert Electronics transceivers and receivers compatible with the most used operating systems in the world. Set up your Mac for DX and contest logging with cluster support, band maps and skimmer spots on the spectrum using ExpertSDR2, RUMLog Next Generation and SDC Software Device Connectors.

Future Release plans

Despite wide functionality the ExpertSDR2 currently has, we plan to continue expanding it. Constant improvement and innovation lies ahead of ExpertSDR2. Below are some future enhancements being planned:

  • ExpertRemote system with TX capabilities
  • ALC
  • Manual TNF
  • Transverter mode
  • Full Duplex
  • Predistortion


IMPORTANT: ExpertSDR2 for Windows requires Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable. During the installation process you are asked to install this component, make sure you follow the instruction to install or repair the Visual Studio Redistributable.

INFO: only publishes final releases. If you are interested in trying out new features before the become available in a final release, please see the manufacturer’s website for the latest alpha, beta or release candidate version of the next upgrade.