ExpertSDR2 Update version 1.1.0 RC

ExpertSDR2 Update v.1.1.0 beta 6
Screenshot of the memory panel in ExpertSDR2 v1.1.0

A new version (1.1.0 RC) of ExpertSDR2 is now available for download from This update has new features and important fixes, so we recommend updating from previous versions. Here are a few highlights.

NEW Shortcuts – You can now map any keystrokes to frequently used functions like band change, filter change, split, Band Scope etc. This improved the handling of the transceiver or receiver, and it lets you use the ShuttleXpress hardware controller with ExpertSDR2.
Improved Memory Panel helps you quickly save interesting frequencies with a comment. Frequency markers for memories are now displayed on spectrum display, hovering mouse pointer displays comment.
Improved firmware with faster CW engine for even more precise and perfectly timed CW (SunSDR2 PRO).
Improved Microphone AGC give you maximum output while putting a clean signal on the air (SunSDR2 PRO).
Improved Waterfall display with less flicker.
Narrower sampling rates makes it possible to use connections with lower throughput (ColibriDDC).
Improved network configuration with feature that automatically finds your SDR on the network.
The latest version of the software for both SunSDR2 PRO and ColibriDDC is available on our download page today.