Pileup Proud Sponsor of FT4JA

Juan de Nova 2016We are proud to announce that Pileup Communications supports the upcoming FT4JA Juan de Nova DXpedition scheduled to be active in early April 2016. The goal of the team is to knock Juan de Nova off Club Log’s 10 most wanted list.
Pileup together with Expert Electronics provide two SunSDR2 PRO transceivers for experimental use. This will be the first time in history that a major DXpedition will use SDR transceivers and we are really exited that the team has chosen the high performance SunSDR2 PRO.

Together with Antlion Audio we provide ModMic attachable boom microphones for the expedition. This will make it possible for the team to use their favourite noise cancelling headphones and have great microphone sound when working those massive pileups.

In addition Pileup Communication owners are providing financial support to the team. You can too, visit juandenovadx.com to contribute your support via Paypal.

FT4JA will be on air from March 30 to April 14, 2016. We wish the team a safe trip and lots of fun.