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SDC, Software Defined Connectors for Windows

SDC, Software Defined Connectors for Windows

SDC, Software Defined Connectors is a utility developed by UT4LW. Think of it like a Swiss army knife for ExpertSDR2 providing the following features;

COM Spider. Create any connections COM ports. Transfer of the COM port on the remote computer. Formation of the telegraph on the remote computer using the ASC-command protocol (suitable for transceivers that are not processed by CAT CW port). The protocol added to the acceleration command and the deceleration immediately stop transmission. Transfer CW manipulation on a remote computer by holding the switching intervals. Connecting multiple logs to a single transceiver.

RIG Sync. Synchronizing receivers and transceivers of all types. It uses its own survey system that allows to realize rapid synchronization. You can sync with customers OmniRig and SDR programs that support ExpertSync protocol over TCP connections.

Telnet Server. Creating a telnet server for gathering spots from multiple sources and passing them through a single port. It can automatically run CWSkimmer and connect to it. Transferring the audio to the skimmer and to another computer and run automatically (for unloading the CPU of your computer). Server “knows” who is connected to it and can run the corresponding profiles for 5MContest program and other logs. Summarizes and transmits spots on the panorama ExpertSDR2 program.

CW Skimmer. SDC has its own CW Skimmer(s) free of charge. You can configure one or more skimmer with many different options.

SKM Server. Organization and connection of skimmers of telegraph signals to transceivers and receivers operating under the program ExpertSDR2.null

Audio Clients.Transferring sound to and from a remote computer.

CW Key. CW key processing connected to the COM port of the computer with the possibility of self-monitoring keying through your computer’s sound card (delay of 8-10 ms). Transfer of keying in the COM port of the remote computer. There is a mode Break In and many other plants.

Audio|COM Remote Server. Server for remote connection of clients to COM Spider, Audio Clients.null.

Mixer. Create all kinds of connections and splits of audio

ProFile Manager. Working with the profiles for 5MContest and ExpertSDR2 programs.

This is the Windows version.