OM2002W Liquid Cooled 2kW 144MHz Power Amplifier


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The OM Power OM2002W solid state power amplifier OM2002W is designed for 144 MHz amateur band from 144 MHz till 146 MHz and all modes. It is equipped with Freescale LDMOS transistors and is water cooled.

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Available on backorder

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The OM2002 amplifier is equipped with a new Freescale highly rugged N-channel double MOSFET. This amplifier is characterized by its compact design, small size and a low weight. The OM2002 amplifier can be remotely controlled over LAN or from another location via the Internet. The software needed is free of charge and can be found in our download section.

OM2002 Specifications

Frequency Coverage: 144 – 146 MHz Amateur Radio Band
Power Output 1800W in CW, SSB
1600W in AM, FM and digital modes,
50% duty cycle
Drive Power 25-30 watt
Input Impedance 50 Ohm, VSWR < 1,1 : 1
Output Amplification 19 dB
Maximum Output SWR 2 : 1
SWR Protection Automatic switching to STBY, when reflected power is 200W or higher
Intermodulation Distortion – 32 dBc
Suppression of Harmonics < -70 dBc
Transistor 2 x MRF1K8
Cooler 2 pc axial blower
Power Supply 120 – 250V AC , 50 – 60 Hz
Protection – SWR too high
– Drain current too high
– Input power too high (overdrive)
– Output power too high
– Reflected power too high
– Gain too low
– Combiner unbalance
– DC voltage too low
– Temperature too high
Display Indications 4.3″ Touch Screen Display 480 x 272 pixels
Size: 383 mm x 180 mm x 365 mm [15.1” x 7.1” x 14.4”] (Width x height x depth)
Weight: 11.7 kg ( 25.8 lb )

OM2002W LAN Connection

ower amplifier is interfaced to LAN via XPORT made by Lantronix (type XP1001000-05R). More info can be found at www.lantronix.com .

Default factory settings of XPORT are:

IP address:

These are strictly default settings. You can modify any of these by going to XPORT web GUI via your web browser. We do not recommend changing any other parameters of the XPORT interface as loss of communication can be caused by doing so. There is no default user name or password. It is highly recommended to secure web interface with username and password.

For remote control and monitoring over LAN special software is needed. It is available free of charge; it can be downloaded from the following link: Remote control manager for OM2002W v2.11


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