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INRAD DMS-650 Desk Mic System


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The INRAD DMS-650 Desk Mic System has well-articulated overall audio with plenty of high end punch for DX operation and/or using the speech processor on the radio to drive output.

INRAD microphones and the DMS-1 PTT locking base have received an enthusiastic review in the January 2018 issue of QST magazine.  Read the complete review here.

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In stock (can be backordered)

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One cable included in the price. (Additional cables can be ordered in our INRAD department, only pick on here!)

INRAD Desk Mic Cable Yaesu RJ-45

INRAD Desk Microphone series coiled detachable cable for Yaesu transceivers with the RJ-45/Modular microphone connector.


The INRAD DMS-650 Desk Mic System feature a unique cardioid dynamic element with a response pattern similar to both the M629 and the M665. What differentiates the M650 from the M629 is an abrupt response change above 1 kHz to 2 kHz then flat response to 4 kHz. This microphone has well articulated overall audio response but has overall higher-end output suitable for DXing or contesting, or running the rig with speech processing turned on. Lower frequencies are somewhat diminished relative in output to the higher ones, giving the sound more high end punch with slightly less low end response. Classic ball microphone hood and an internal breath screen. Well-articulated overall audio with plenty of high end punch for DX operation and/or using the speech processor on the radio to drive output. Top of the line unit!

The document “INRAD Microphones And Transmission Of The Human Voice” compares the five INRAD microphone models to each other and includes frequency response curves. Download it here.

The base is metal and weighs 2.5 pounds to keep it from sliding around or being knocked over easily on the desk. Total weight of base and desk microphone, over 4 pounds! Metal microphone body, standard 5/8 x 27 thread metal standpipe, rubberized microphone clip. The circular rubber ring around the circumference of the metal standpipe for the mic clip is an internal shock mount for noise isolation.

Large push-to-talk switch on the base front. To lock the PTT for those longer QSO’s, slide the silver slider switch to the left while the PTT switch is down. To release, slide back to the right.

On the back of the base, the 1/8″ connector connects to the microphone body. The 4 pin XLR connector is used for the detachable coiled DM-series cable that connects to your transceiver mic jack.

Own multiple transceiver models with different mic jack configurations? It’s as easy as unplugging the cable from the rear of the base and connecting the next cable.

Want a different on-air sound from a different INRAD microphone? The M-series microphones on the base are also interchangeable. To change from one mic to another, unplug the 3 pin XLR cable from the back of the mic and pull it off the clip. Plug in the new mic, put it on the stand. It’s that simple.

The M-series microphones can be purchased alone and used with either a stand or boom of your own. M-series microphones are supplied with a 3 pin XLR to 1/8″ mono male jack that is used with M-series adapters to plug into the front of the transceiver.

INRAD DMS-650 desk microphone. Includes the INRAD M686 mic, INRAD DMS-1 PTT base, mic to base connection cable. , and detachable DM-Y 4 pin XLR cable for transceiver (chose type from pick list).

Additional detachable DM-series cables are available to use the mic with multiple transceiver brands.

INRAD M650 Microphone Specifications

  • Element Type:  Dynamic
  • Frequency Response: 50 Hz – 15 kHz
  • Pattern / Directivity:  Cardioid / Uni-directional
  • Impedance: 600 ohms
  • Sensitivity: -58.9 (+/-3) dB (0 dB = 1V/PA) @1 kHz
  • Finish: Matte black
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