Fair-Rite Snap-On 13mm #31 Material


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Fair-Rite 13mm snap-on ferrite #31 material is a problem solver for RF interference problems. Save when ordering 3-, 5- and 10-pack.


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#31 material made by Fair-Rite Products is extremely useful, especially if your problem is below 5 MHz. By comparison to #43 material, #31 provides nearly 7 dB greater choking impedance at 2 MHz, and at least 3 dB more on 80 meters. At 10 MHz and above, the two materials are nearly equivalent. A feed-line choke made with #31 material is the best all round performer to cover all HF bands, and is clearly the weapon of choice at 5 MHz and below.

This ferrite can snap-on around RG-213 and other low loss coax cables with up to 13 mm diameter. It can also snap around up to 4 turns of RG-58.

Jim Brown K9YC has published a must read Guide to RFI, Ferrites, Baluns, and Audio Interfacing. If you experience RF interference problems, read Jim’s A Ham’s Guide to RFI, Ferrites, Baluns, and Audio Interfacing.

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