Bandpass Filter Kit for ColibriDDC


Plug in HF octave bandpass filter for ColibriDDC with +10 dB preamp and -20 dB attenuator will improve this already great SDR making it superior in situations when out of band signals needs to be attenuated.

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160M: 0-2.5 MHz
80M: 2.5-4 MHz
60M: 4-6 MHz
40M: 6-7.3 MHz
30M: 7.3-12 MHz
20M: 12-14.5 MHz
17-15M: 14.5-21.5 MHz
12-10M: 21.5-30 MHz

Attenuator -20 dB

Preamp +10 dB

Easy to install! Installation of the bandpass filter daughter board is simple, it plugs on to the ColibriDDC main circuit board. Only one SMD resistor needs to be de-soldered.

Contact us for questions about the installation. We can make i for a small fee, or if you prefer to install it yourself we will provide you with detailed instructions (For warranty to remain valid it needs to be installed by us).

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