MetroVNA is a modern antenna and vector network analyser designed for Amateur Radio measuring SWR, R, X, Z, Phase, RL and TL. Results are displayed on a big colour touch display also hosting its intuitive menu system. This handy analyzer can also be used with a PC or Mac, or an Android smartphone or tablet, for a more detailed display and to create and export graphic files in several different formats for distribution or print.

MetroVNA is very powerful but simple to use both outdoors and in the workshop or in the radio shack. It allows for measurements in both transmission and reflection modes, and it is supported by software packages that runs on all platforms like Windows, MacOS, Linux and Android.

MetroVNA has many useful features including an easy to navigate menu for rapid measurements and a intuitive graphical menu to control basic settings.

Read the Radcom review of MetroVNA here.

Download the comprehensive user manual here.

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