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SDR Control panel E-coder

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The E-coder Control Panel is designed to control a SunSDR2 transceiver or ColibriDDC receiver in the most ergonomic way possible. It is user configurable and lets you control all vital functions on your SunSDR radio.

The E-coder control panel have connectors for KEY and PTT input which makes it very easy to remote control the radio over land by connecting the CW key and footswitch to the control panel and route TX and RX audio via the PC.

One SunSDR transceiver and two E-coder control panels create the perfect MO2R station, see application note here.

Mechanic Encoders Reference
Unused Function is not set
Volume Volume adjustment
Mic Gain Microphone gain adjustment
SQL Squelch on/off
Filter Low Adjustment filter’s low skirt
Filter High Adjustment filter’s upper skirt
Filter Width Adjustment filter width
Filter Shift Adjustment filter shifting
Drive Output power adjustment
IF Tuning by intermediate frequency (filter moving)
RF Gain AGC maximum level adjustment
CW Speed CW Speed
RIT Offset Receiver Incremental Tuning Offset
XIT Offset Transmitter Incremental Tuning Offset


Buttons Reference
Unused Function is not set
Band Up Switch to higher band
Band Down Switch to lower band
Mode Up Switching to the next modulation type
Mode Down Switching to the previous modulation type
Volume Up Volume increase on 5 points
Volume Down Volume decrease on 5 points
Mute Muting, on/off
BIN Turn on/off binaural effect
NR Noise reducer on/off
ANF Automatic notch filter on/off
NB1 Noise blanker 1 on/off
NB2 Noise blanker 2 on/off
Filter Up Switch filter one position wider
Filter Down Switch filter one position narrower
SQL Squelch on/off
PA External Power Amplifier PTT control on/off
AGC Up Changes AGC slower
AGC Down Changes AGC faster
Preamp Up Increase Preamp gain
Preamp Down Decrease Preamp gain
Step Up Switch tuning step coarse
Step Down Switch tuning step fine
Zoom In Zoom In panoramic adapter
Zoom Out Zoom Out panoramic adapter
MOX Manually Operated Transmitter
Tone Carrier in transmitting mode
WF Wide Receiver’s Filter
Power On/Off Switch on/off the radio
Switch DDS/IF Switching between tuning by intermediate frequency and by tuning DDS (moving signals)
Switch Receiver Switching receiver’s control between RX1 and RX2
Change VFOA/VFOB Swap tuning knob between VFOA and VFOB
On/Off SubRX On/Off Sub Receiver
RIT On/Off Switch On/Off Receiver’s Incremental Tuning
RIT Reset Receiver’s Incremental Tuning Reset
IF as RIT RIT control by tuning knob
XIT On/Off Transmitter Incremental Tuning On/Off
XIT Reset Transmitter Incremental Tuning Reset
Split On/Off Split mode
TX/Play Replay voice and transmit to air
Voice recording Voice recording

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Weight 0.325 kg
Dimensions 15.5 × 12.0 × 6.5 cm


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